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Seafood & Poultry

The Largest Full-Service Seafood & Poultry Department In Northern California
Taste the Freshness of Fresh Caught Seafood.

Lunardi's fish is delivered fresh daily by fishermen who fish 1 or 2 days at a time, using the hook and line method. Although this is the more costly method, the taste and quality are far superior.

CHAIN STORES and other markets buy fish from fishermen whose boats stay out for weeks at a time, using very large boats and even larger nets. This method of drag fishing is cheaper, but the inferior quality and poorer taste is not worth the savings.

Lunardi's seafood variety is the largest in the Bay Area. In addition, our seafood is federally inspected to assure wholesomeness. Among our selections are Prince Edward Island Mussels, Fresh Littleneck Clams from the East Coast, Dungeness Crabs, and Lobster, Lobster, Lobster!

All Federally Inspected, All Natural and free of steroids and hormones.

Our poultry is naturally and locally raised, free from steroids, hormones and chemicals. Lunardi's purchases our chickens from Sonoma County's Fulton Valley Ranch. Our turkeys come from the Diestel Ranch in the Sierra foothills.

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