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The Highest Quality USDA Choice Beef

The Largest Full-Service Meat Department In Northern California

All Federally inspected.
Lunardi’s uses USDA Choice beef, which we age in our meat lockers and then cut in full view of our customers. This assures the finest quality of beef anywhere.
Lunardi's LAMB is naturally raised locally in Petaluma and Bodega Bay. Our lamb is free from growth hormones and steroids.
Lunardi's PORK is "Quite simply the best." Specially selected to be the leanest in the industry. PORK is not graded the same way as beef, so the major criterion for selecting PORK is the leanness of the individual cuts.
Lunardi's features dozens of hand prepared gourmet items such as...Stuffed Flank Steak, Stuffed Veal Roast with Apple Almond Stuffing, Pork Roast Stuffed with Italian Sausage ready to pop in the oven or slap on the grill.
All meats are hand-cut by fully trained butchers on-site each morning to ensure that freshness+quality = the best taste & texture. Only USDA Choice grade beef is used; no compromises or shortcuts are used in the largest full-service meat department in Northern California.


The Highest Quality Grass Fed Beef


Grass Fed Beef
NO GROWTH HORMONES, NO ANTIBIOTICS  and 100% GRASS DIET. No Grain is ever fed to the cattle. Grass fed meat is healthier for people. The meat is leaner and contains a higher percentage of good fats, Omega 3s, and beneficial antioxidants and minerals.

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